We can’t express how grateful we are to the entire team at SF Design Build. Hiring them to help us with both the design and renovation of our home has truly been the best decision we have made! Rudy, JC and Jessica were professional, knowledgable, understanding and easy to correspond with on a day-to-day basis. They made themselves readily available for our every need and were quick (and resourceful at times) to troubleshoot when needed. We were completely blown away when we saw the final touches of our kitchen and basement remodel - every detail was well planned out and made a noticeable difference in making the remodel still blend nicely with our home’s historic charm. After everything was said and done we came in right on budget and very close to the original schedule date of completion, something that is very hard to get right the first time! My husband and I would happily work with them again and have referred several of our neighbors and friends!
— J. Quasney, San Francisco
I had been putting off a much needed kitchen redo as I dreaded the disruption and complications that I figured would occur during the process. However, an upcoming condo conversion meant I could not avoid the situation any longer. I certainly could not have chosen any better than working with SF Design Build. Not only did they complete the work on budget and on schedule, but they were able to incorporate all the other work needed throughout my home to comply with the City Condo Conversion requirements within the time frame required to do a total kitchen renovation.
Both Rudy and Jessica took my kitchen requirements and greatly improved them, making a better use of the space than I could imagine. They were an enormous help in choosing tile, hardwood flooring and paint colors, all of which would have overwhelmed me without their guidance. Also, the people they have relationships with for cabinets, counter tops, plumbing, glass and electrical work are all top notch.
Last, but certainly not least, is the SF Design Build crew itself. These men never missed a day. They did everything they could possibly do so that I was able to live in my home while this work took place. They cleaned up at the end of each day and were considerate of my neighbors. Aside from all of this, they are extremely skilled carpenters, plasterers and painters.
Friends and relatives are envious that I had such a wonderful experience with this renovation, all thanks to SF Design Build.
— B. Follick, San Francisco
As first-time home renovators with a baby on the way, my husband and I were looking for a trustworthy team that could work on our project within a certain timeframe. We’re so glad we ended up working with SFDB who went above and beyond our expectations.

Our project entailed adding a new full bathroom & walk-in closet for the master bedroom, and rebuilding the kitchen which now opens up to the living room. From our first meetings with Jessica and Rudy we felt at ease, and having them navigate the process from design to construction phase and intricacies in between was very helpful (permitting, recommending sources for fixtures and materials, working with subcontractors, etc). We learned so much along the way and are happy with how things turned out.

Design phase: Jessica was attentive to our requests and extremely organized in communication. We were always excited to see her creative options that maximized our space (important to us), and she provided insightful pros/cons for each design yet stayed flexible if we asked to adjust something. She proactively came up with different solutions, thoroughly answered our newbie questions during the decision-making process, and shed light on details we never would have thought of on our own.

Construction phase: Rudy’s team was courteous about our belongings and left things tidy at the end of the workday which we really appreciated since we lived onsite through the project. A few instances really stood out when they took extra measures to make sure we were comfortable – for example, one Friday evening when we couldn’t get our washer & dryer to work properly after electrical wiring switches Rudy stopped by after work hours to make a quick fix so we were set for the weekend. They were friendly and adaptable if something changed from original plans, and also managed to fit in additional projects like creating an indoor laundry room (big bonus now that baby is here) without too much impact to the schedule.

It was a pleasure working with SFDB and we hope to work together again on future projects!
— C. Wong, San Francisco
Rudy, Jessica, and their team are great! We have done many renovations from small to large, and they are the best team we have worked with. On the design side, I had a lot of ideas coming into the process, and Jessica was able to incorporate and respond to my ideas, while adding her expertise and creativity. It was a perfect balance. On the construction side, Rudy is very knowledgeable and responsive. He always stays positive and really stands by his word and his work. Overall, their team had a wonderful vibe - they were always hard-working, reliable, friendly, and respectful of the space. They seemed to get along well and work well together, so everyone always seemed happy to be here, even though it is such hard work. We had difficulty with one of the sub-contractors (floor), and Rudy was able to help us resolve it with no extra drama. There were some more significant surprises and additions along the way that did add to cost, but I never felt like we were nickel-and-dimed for every little change the way I have been by other contractors. Rudy stood by his estimates. When we sprang a pipe leak a few months later, Rudy rushed over to help repair it, and even though it was not in a pipe that they worked on, he ended up not charging us, as he said they had worked on that wall and may have loosened the joint. That is above and beyond!
— Julie M., San Francisco
We couldn’t have been happier working with SF Design Build. We hired them for a fairly large job - transforming our unfinished garage/ground floor in Bernal Heights into a master suite including a bedroom, bath, large walk-in closet, laundry room, office area, and garage storage.

Going into the project, we knew that we wanted to hire a design/build firm to avoid the back and forth we know can come from hiring separate designers and builders. When we found SF Design Build, we knew that we had made the right choice. Rudy and Jessica are such a great team - seamless communication, no-drama, very accessible, professional, and wonderful design and craftsmanship.

As a designer, Jessica came up with very creative solutions to maximize our space, and is a total design pro - she anticipated design challenges before they arose. Rudy led a construction team who were friendly, dependable, and talented - important qualities when they are at your house everyday for months.

I would hire SF Design Build again in a heartbeat.
— A. Punzalan, San Francisco
We couldn’t have been happier with a contractor. Everything was done to the highest standard. They were efficient, clean, professional and artistic. They went out of their way to accommodate us as we continued to occupy the space during the project. They had good ideas about how to create even more space in the kitchen and they regularly communicated their thoughts. We would work with them again.
— S. Walton, San Francisco
SFDB: I have utilized the company for 3 projects including: apartment gut renovate of studio with living, dining, bathroom, kitchen; gut renovate of large 2 BR apartment with living, bathroom and kitchen on two projects. SF Design Build provides the best of both worlds- design and construction. The design process with Jessica is nothing short of amazing. She has incredible depth and breath and also is a very intuitive listener. On the construction side, Rudy and team are always searching for the BEST solution on the construction side including bringing intelligence and experience from prior projects for the benefits of the current client.
— M. Robinson, San Francisco
The remodel and addition of our house was the biggest project of our lives (next to raising children!), so it was critical that we hired the right team to get us through a complicated process. We are so pleased that we went with SF Design Build.

First of all, they specialize in S.F. and regularly deal with the crazy intricacies of getting things through the planning department and all of the code and inspection issues that a firm who is from out of town simply won’t get. They know all of the guys and can get your project through a very byzantine process. Second, these guys show up and work. We’ve had contractors in the past who wouldn’t really communicate. Rudy and his crew were there everyday, often six days a week making sure we were on schedule. They left the site clean and tidy at night, were respectful of us and our needs, (especially as we were living in our house during construction), and often did very helpful things like remembering to take out the garbage cans for me on trash night. There were five other remodel jobs on our block going on at the same time and you could really see that there was a quality difference. I’ve seen injuries at the other sites, contractors who make neighbors angry by parking in front of their driveways, or leaving dumpsters out on the street for up to a year. All of my neighbors have constantly remarked at how friendly and respectful our crew has been, which has made it so much easier on us.

Lastly, we’re so happy with the work. The quality and attention to detail has been fabulous and Rudy has personally addressed even the smallest of issues that we’ve had. I recommend the whole SF Design Build Team without reservation.
— A. Muir, San Francisco
Jessica and Rudy are talented, hardworking and likable people. During the planning phase Jessica listened well and offered many thoughtful options for our renovated kitchen, kids rooms, laundry, office, and entryway. They took time to meet with us as needed and incorporate our feedback to Jessica’s designs. Neither Jessica nor Rudy seemed frustrated or overwhelmed as we expanded the scope or changed our minds about layout. They have remained engaged, professional, and focused on our project, budget, and timeline.

SFDB communicates well and is especially great via email. Rudy gets back to you once he has an answer or a solution. He juggles multiple job sites but our needs were always met, and he gives you his complete attention until all of your concerns are addressed. This is a great feeling to have from your contractor.

The men on Rudy’s team are talented and courteous. Everyone was professional, punctual and accommodating. Friendly to the kids. Our new neighbors even commented on their kind and considerate demeanor. This is a group that seems to know and enjoy each other after years of working together, communicates well and gets along. This vibe gave us a lot of confidence about the integrity of the work site.

We would not hesitate to recommend SFDB to anyone. Jessica is an imaginative, collaborative architect. She produces multiple drawings to choose from, and never gets “married” to any of them. Rudy and his team are extremely talented, personable, and flexible. I don’t think there is any problem they can’t tackle, and they were willing and able to incorporate new ideas well into the construction process.

We would choose SFDB again in a heartbeat.
— A. Williams, San Francisco
Jessica, Rudy and the rest of the SF Design Build team transformed our 1920s condo into a beautiful, open-space concept home that we relish each day. This was no easy project, involving the rearrangement of many walls, remodeling the whole kitchen, installing new windows, new lighting, new cabinets, adding a half bath, and creating an in-unit laundry room.

Jessica was incredible during the design phase — she listened to our desires/goals and guided us through a range of options to achieve them (many of which were creative solutions we never would have thought of and other designers we talked to never suggested). They helped pick our materials, handled all of the permits with the city for us, and helped us think through trade-offs and alternatives as needed. Jessica was extremely patient helping create multiple budgets, and explaining ways we could cut costs while still achieving our underlying vision.

Rudy and his construction team were easy to work with and they made the construction phase as smooth as possible with a strong attention to detail and great communication. Our neighbors got to know them, and they did a great job keeping positive relationships in the building. Changes were quickly implemented and roadblocks were well navigated. Rudy and Jessica work extremely well together and when we had a roadblock with our HOA they coordinated all the right people on a call to help explain and show how everything was to code and within our HOA guidelines. They are the team you want. We would work with SFDB again in heart beat!
— A. Fitch, San Francisco
SF Design Build completed a design, hardwood floor installation and full kitchen remodel that included removing a wall. What an incredible job they did. With the design, Jessica was an indispensable help with the layout and materials choices. The construction was amazingly easy. Rudy made sure the job was done right and on time with a focus on quality and detail. Changes were quickly made and any issues were easily resolved with no drama. The work crew was courteous and ensured the place was clean every day. After the job was done, any additional related work was completed timely and without question. Because of their great work, my neighbors and our condo association have used SFDB for other work. I will definitely be using SFDB for my next project and highly recommend them.
— J. Ziegler, San Francisco
SF Design Build recently completed a full kitchen remodel in our home. It was a large project — involved taking out a load bearing wall, new cabinets, new floors and putting in a skylight. We were incredibly pleased with their work. They were conscientious, respectful of our space and showed great attention to detail. They respected our opinions regarding fixtures, flooring, etc., but were also not afraid to offer their own thoughts/ideas (which we found very helpful).

We highly recommend SF Design Build and will definitely use them again for future projects!
— A. Peterson, San Francisco
We recently completed our 3rd large scale project with SF Design Build .... first a major remodel of our condo in 2008.... then a major seismic upgrade for our entire building in 2010...and now a complete exterior painting and new deck construction and maintenance completions for the entire building (a three story structure in NOPA). Basically they went over this entire huge building tooth and nail fixing and updating every inch. Our 87 year old wood construction building is now in near perfect condition. We keep returning to Rudy, Jessica and the SFDB team for the simple reason that they are honest, professional, thorough, budget-wise and conscious and have excellent follow up. The quality of the work by Samuel, Hugo, Ceasar, Eric and the others is excellent. These guys are real craftsmen and it shows. What a pleasure to see their finished work! All of the workers are company employees and have been with SFDB for all the years we have used the company. No day hires! We bid this work, as we did our other projects, and SFDB once again came in competitive. (they were not the cheapest but also held an advantage over “just” painting contractors because as a general contractor they have their own scaffolding. the other painters bid the work then had an “add on” for scaffolding that in some cases could add $5k to the cost.) they completed the work on budget. No gimmicks, add ons etc. during the work they found that some planking on one side of the building had been repaired poorly many years ago and had to be replaced. this added about 3 days to the job with some cost increase but they showed how it was necesary. One of the best things about SFDB is that there are no surprises. They work entirely through the project with no gaps or no show days. they clean up EVERY DAY and leave the work site as accessible as possible, respecting the owners living space. I would highly recommend SF Design Build. Like the PGA ads on television ... “These Guys are Good!....”
— J. Allen, San Francisco
We used SFDB for a major remodel for a 1930s fixer home we bought in Burlingame. After meeting with several contractors, I am so happy we went with SFDB! Their estimate was clear and very specific, whereas the other contractors were pushy, quick to bid high (40k for electrical?) and slow to explain their prices, OR - they didn’t inspire confidence in being able to handle all of the major issues we were facing in fixing the house. We worked closely with Rudy and Jessica and ended up gutting our kitchen and family room, as well as doing all new windows/sliding doors, skylights, a new deck off of new french doors in the kitchen, all new lighting, new HVAC, and a partial bathroom remodel. It was a huge job. Both Jessica and Rudy were fabulous to work with - they had great ideas, were responsive to phone calls and emails, and were extremely professional and pleasant to work with. When we opened things up to install the new windows/doors, we came across a lot of dry rot. They ended up rebuilding large sections of the house - I was so grateful that they were fast and very competent! I’m also glad Rudy gently suggested we might consider getting new cabinets if we were going to get new countertops....upon closer inspection the existing painted wood cabinets were sticky and crooked and not worth saving. Our new kitchen looks totally amazing, as does our family room and every project they did in the house. They showed up on time, worked long days 6 days a week, and finished the majority of the large projects in about 4 months so we could move in! All of the people who worked in our house - Samuel and crew, Giovanni (electrical), Moises (HVAC), Jose Luis (gas lines/plumbing) etc were all professional, nice, and cleaned up at the end of each day. It has been about 2 years since we completed most of the work, and the follow up has been amazing. We have had only minor problems crop up here and there, and they come back and take care of them without charging us, even if the issue ends up being somewhat unrelated to the work they did! (For example, a very small leak near the kitchen door was caused by a problematic nearby downspout, more the territory of the roofers...but SFDB addressed the problem and fixed it for us!) They have also come back several times to address a heat vent that did not work well in the Master Bedroom. They ended up installing an additional vent in order to adequately heat the room.

The one thing I wish we had done differently - although this is not the fault of SFDB - is I wish we had decided from the beginning to take on as many large projects as we did, such as the new windows and doors. We had a tremendous # of change orders and sometimes the billing got confusing due to how many simultaneous projects were going on. Again, it would have been less confusing if we had been more decisive from the outset.

If you hire SFDB, you will be in good hands. They can handle projects of any size, and are a pleasure to work with. HIghly recommended!
— L. Cony, Burlingame
I have had the good fortune to have worked with SFDB on two occasions. The first time I had a fireplace redone and railing for a staircase installed to replace a pony wall that I was no longer willing to look at. This was a project that several other contractors weren’t even willing to take on, but Rudy and his team took a look, said “no problem” and came back with a reasonable quote. I gave them a picture of a railing design that I liked and SFDB had it custom made. Everything, fireplace and railing turned out exactly as anticipated and with great attention to detail.
The second time involved the complete remodel of two separate bathrooms. Again SFDB impressed me from the beginning. While other contractors generally came forward with somewhat vague proposals pointing out how this or that could pose a problem, this was never the case with SFDB. As a previous reviewer pointed out, problems don’t seem to exist for Rudy. He quickly analyzes any potential design or construction issues and will immediately propose solutions. Jessica worked with me on all the details of ordering tiles, fixtures, etc. and drew up painstakingly detailed construction plans. Consequently, SFDB’s proposal was detailed, transparent and accurate. All phases of the planned construction and time lines were clearly laid out. Consecutive changes, initiated by me, were captured and immediately incorporated. Communication from beginning to end was always timely and everybody was always very responsive.
The construction itself went smoothly and the crew was a pleasure to have around. They always showed up on time, were extremely friendly, would not even hesitate to help my wife with her shopping bags and always left the construction site clean in the evening. Of course, most importantly, the quality of their work was excellent. I am not an easy-to-please customer and there were some eclectic design issues to deal with, but everybody went above and beyond to make it happen. No surprise that all city inspections passed without a hitch as well. I am definitely pleased with the outcome. Some time after the project was finished, Rudy came back to make sure that everything is o.k., that there are no cracks in the grout lines, etc.
I would definitely recommend SFDB to anyone taking on a home remodeling project.
— F. Kayser, San Francisco